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FAQ Bus Tour Organizers:

How can I book busses?
- In general in writing per E-Mail to grupper@scandlines.com
  Please include the following specific information: Date for the trip / departure time / which route and
  travel direction / length of the bus incl. possible trailer / number of persons / any customer ID.

How is the crossing invoiced?

  • With a customer ID and a contract, according to the contract conditions
  • Without a customer ID and a contract, payment via credit card, by phone


Bus voucher

At the Check-in in the port the bus driver must hand over a completed bus voucher for the specific crossing.  The bus voucher holds information (no. of persons in the bus, total vehicle length, departure port etc.) regarding the booked crossing and will be used for the invoicing of the trip.
Bus customers with a valid customer ID can fill in the bus voucher at http://www.bus.scandlines.se/reservations/requisition and print it out for the trip.
If you do not have a customer ID at Scandlines, please contact grupper@scandlines.com.

When must the bus at the latest be at the port?

The check-in at the port must be finalized in

Puttgarden and Rødby

until15 min. before departure


until 30 min. before departure


until15 min. before departure

Helsingørand Helsingborg

until15 min. before departure

Until when must you inform Scandlines about the final number of persons for pre-booked catering on board the ferry ?
- 4 days before the booked departure.

- Cancellation in writing is free of charge until 4 days before the booked departure. After that the booked number will be invoiced to full price.

Catering-Free meals regulations